Sunday, June 20, 2010

Chamberlain Creek Falls - Jackson State Forest

        My friend Adventure Wannabe was showing me a waterfall guide book the other day. In the book I noticed a waterfall not far from my house. I moved for work about two years ago and I don’t know all the hidden spots like I did where I use to live, so I decided to go check it out.

        Chamberlain Creek Falls, located in the Jackson State Forest, half way between Willits and Fort Bragg off of Hwy 20 in Mendocino County. First off if you are looking for an impressive waterfall this is not it. This trip is more about the sum of the journey rather than one remarkable piece. The drive on Hwy 20 you leave civilization behind and wind through the forest. On some turns you can look out and see nothing but unspoiled hills and valleys covered with pine and redwood trees. Once inside Jackson State Forest you will turn onto Road 200 headed north. It’s a dirt road that is well maintained and is passable in any vehicle. In about one mile the road will fork and you will turn Left. Continue on for 3.5 miles and look for a wooden rail on the Left side of the road. Park here for a short hike (about 600’) to the falls or continue on for another 0.3 miles to where the road forks again for a longer hike to the falls (about 1 mile).

        If you park at the first location there is a set of wooden stairs that start off the trail. Once off the road you see just how many trees there are out here. The canopy blocks out the sky, rays of light streak through the trees. After a few feet you can hear a small stream and the crash of falling water. The waterfall its self seems to come out of nowhere poring over a massive rock and falling on to a stream bed below. If you continue on the trail just a few more feet you walk into a beautiful redwood grove. It’s a perfect place to sit and take in the beauty of this redwood forest.

        Below is a video of the area. It was difficult to capture the beauty of this area because of the varying light levels with the sun streaking through the trees and the way the waterfall is tucked away in a canyon corner, so I guess you will just have to check it out for yourself.

View Chamberlain Creek Waterfall in a larger map

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  1. Im taking off work this week to venture this waterfall with my boyfriend. Thank you so much for the detailed directions and beautiful video! Ill be putting your post to fantastic use! :D


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