Saturday, August 14, 2010

Potem Falls - Shasta Trinity National Forest

        So because I was unable to get all the footage I wanted for my Lett's Lake post, I wanted to get something new up and keep the site fresh. A few weeks back I took a trip to the Shasta-Redding-Burney area. If you  read my McCloud Falls Post you already know about my car breaking down just hours into my trip. Well after three weeks in the shop I finally have my Xterra back. Turns out I kicked a branch up and it ripped through a wiring harness shorting out the computer. Well, Before my chance encounter with the $2000 stick, I had just enjoyed a cool dip in the pool below Potem Falls. I shot some video but didn't believe I had enough to put together. Well Its not my best video but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

        Potem Falls in located in the Shasta Trinity National Forest in the Pit 7 reservoir area of Lake Shasta. The closest "town" is Montgomery Creek on Hwy 299. To get to Potem Falls you need to find an easy to miss road called Fenders Ferry Rd between Round Mountain and Montgomery Creek. Check out the map below. After 3.5 miles Fenders Ferry Rd will turn to a well maintained dirt road passable in most passenger cars. You now have 5.7 miles to go to the unmarked trail head. The road is a typical forest service road lots of turns, narrow at times, along a canyon with no guard rail, patchy cell service if any, you know typical forest country. The road will drop down from the canyon wall and a narrow bridge will take you across the Pit arm of Lake Shasta. From the end of the bridge you have 0.6 miles to go. Look for a pull out on the left side of the road. There may have been a sign here at one point but all I found was a small metal post on a block of concrete. (Park at N 40 50.3279, W 122 01.5993)

        From the pull out a 0.25 mile trail will lead you to the falls. Its a pretty easy walk down but on a 100 degree day the walk up can take a little out of you. After about 100 yards you get your first view of the falls. I really like how the trail leads to to the creek below the falls and then straight up to the base. Your first full view is absolutely beautiful, what a waterfall should look like. The 70' waterfall flows into a large pool below. I would say the pool is about 100' across and seemed to be about 20' deep. The water was clear and cold but on this 100 degree day it was perfect. I could have spent hours here lounging and swimming but I had a full day of exploring the area planed.

         I was there mid-week and it was absolutely deserted I don't know how how popular of a place this is come the weekend. I will be back here with the family at some point. It was a really cool place, I don't think my video does it justice but i hope it gives you an idea of whats out there.

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View Potem Falls in a larger map
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