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McCloud Outdoors & Gear Exchange McCloud,CA

290 Quincy Ave McCloud, CA is all about getting out and enjoying our local outdoors & for visitors to Northern California to have good directions so they, too, can enjoy our public lands. The abundance and diversity of California's national parks & forests, BLM land, state and local parks are some of California's greatest attractions, making it a world class destination for outdoor adventurers'. One area I had over looked for years was the Mt. Shasta area. In the past few years I have explored around the area but I have barely scratched the surface of what this area has to offer. What makes it even more incredible is that it is lesser known than the Lake Tahoe area, which in the summer can become overcome with tourists. For the outdoor adventurer type McCloud, CA is a good point to start your adventure, just 10 miles from Interstate 5 on CA Hwy 89. The area offers camping, waterfalls, kayaking, boating, caving, hiking, snow skiing, swimming and more, all just minutes away from McCloud.

McCloud Outdoors Gear For All Seasons
Another great reason to begin your Mt. Shasta area adventure in McCloud, CA is that McCloud Outdoors & Gear Exchange recently opened at 209 Quincy Ave. McCloud Outdoors has everything you need to enjoy the area. The owners of this business have many years of outdoor adventure experience including teaching advanced swift water rescue, confined space rescue and technical rope rescue classes. They can assist you and give you advice for whatever your adventure level may be, from simple family outing to guided trips such as climbing, caving, kayaking, rafting, shooting and more!

Even if your planing on going on your own adventure, McCloud Outdoors has items you may need. McCloud Outdoors offers top quality new and gently used outdoor gear for all seasons, additionally they rent bikes, kayaks and other outdoor gear. Helmets, gloves, and flashlights are items I often misplace or overlook. Mccloud Outdoors & Gear Exchange is a great place to pick up that last minute necessity. Every outdoors adventurer knows how much that one important piece of gear can make or break the trip, be it the kayak oar, the dry bag or jacket you left buy the door.
Quality New & Gently Used Gear For Any Outdoor Adventures
The best part of McCloud Outdoors & Gear Exchange is that you will be doing business with people who want you to have fun and enjoy your visit. McCloud Outdoors will do everything they can to make sure you get the right product or enjoy your scheduled trip. Right now the store is open Thursday through Monday and available by appointment on Tuesday & Wednesday. 

McCloud has a small grocery store, gas station, a few small restaurants and a historic downtown area. Most of this town was built by the lumber industry, the lumber was then transported by rail. Looking around McCloud much of its history is ever present. From the McCloud Railway Company rail cars that are just off main street to the large mill and open field from the former McCloud River Lumber Company.

Mt. Shasta from McCloud, CA
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